Two Pipe Water Source Heat Pumps for Hotels

Summary: Analysis of water source heat pumps.

The water source heat pumps are a popular choice for mid-priced hotels, and for hotels more than 4 stories. Marriott has a policy of not allowing PTACs and VTACs on hotels above six stories, even if that is the brand prototype. Therefore, water source heat pumps are often the choice of taller projects.

The advantages of water source heat pumps include:

  1. Only two pipes for water distribution.
  2. No insulation of pipes or potential for sweating.
  3. High efficiency from central cooling towers and boilers.
  4. High efficiency from the ability to transfer heating and cooling from one side of the building to the other depending on solar exposure
  5. Easy maintenance compared to central chiller plats of 4 pipe systems.

The disadvantages of water source heat pumps include:

  1. The noise of the compressor is present in each guestroom.
  2. less smooth temperature control compared to fan coil units
  3. Assuming the common spaces are also served by heat pumps, the problem of temperature control is significant compared to air handlers with heating and cooling coils. Any spaces requiring high percentages of outside air such as meeting rooms and corridors are difficult to control in extreme climates. In hot and cold climates, pre-coolers and pre-heaters are sometimes necessary.

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