Rain City Solar is Hope for Seattle

Summary:  After years of waiting for solar power to come of age, we have finally begun installing solar PV systems in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.

The favorite comparison for solar power in Seattle is Germany.  Germany has a similar solar exposure as Seattle and Germany has been on a rampage to install PV solar.  Germany has an historical need to become energy independent from the world.  Even during WWII when oil was cut off from Germany, the country still produced synthetic gasoline.   And now the Germans see the value of solar power.

For me, I see solar power as a gift to my children and their children.  It is a gift that never stops giving.  It is better than stock certificates.  It is like having a family farm that stays in the family for generations.

Some people still think in terms of rate of return (ROI) or payback.  I find this analysis silly when compared to the ROI of buying a Lexis or some other expensive car.  Does anyone every consider the ROI of a luxury car?  Does anyone ever think, “I’m buying this $50,000 car for my children and their children?”  Of course not, yet the price tag is seldom an issue.  So rather than buy luxury cars, I am installing solar on my home and all the homes of my children.

Check out Rain City Solar if you live in the Seattle or Puget Sound area.  We know what we are doing and will make sure you get a system that will make your grandchildren look at the roof and say thanks to you long after you have left them on their own.

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