Minimum Hotel Bathroom Plumbing Clearance

Summary:  Just how little space is required to accommodate bathroom plumbing? 

Hotel developers and architects are always complaining that engineers ask for too much space above a bathroom ceiling for plumbing.  Well, maybe they have a case.  Typically, 10 inches clear for toilet and bathtub fittings in the easy answer.  We have found a jobsite where the plumber has proven it can be done in 6 inches clear.  The picture below is from the San Diego Gas Lamp Residence Inn being plumbed by Sherwood Mechanical Contractors.  As you can see, the clear space is only the length of the pen, which measures 6 inches.  Obviously, there were no long runs with slope.  Also, this was partly made possible by full 3D shop drawings which provided excellent coordination between trades.  There is no space for random pipe crossings.  Notice that one of the sheet rock supports was trimmed to fit the trap.

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    […] Resolve Conflicts: This last step is one that might never be automated. Once conflicts are found, you and the other designers will have to work together to find solutions. Done right, it is possible to reduce the minimum ceiling space in a hotel bathroom from 10 inches to 6 inches. […]

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