Hotel Shower Head Height

Summary: Study of shower head height and related issues.

The Marriott standard for the rough-in height of a shower head is 6′-11″ (83 inches) above the unfinished floor.  With the addition of the floor tile and the depth of the tub, plus the distance from the pipe outlet to the bottom of a typical shower head, the resulting shower head height from tub surface is about 6′-6″ (78 inches).  Although this is the Marriott standard, if you have no other direction for a different brand, this is a good choice.

A related issue to coordinate during the design is the height of the tub tile surround.  Avoid having the pluming penetrate the wall near the edge of a material transition such as from tile to wall board.  Tile surrounds that extend to the ceiling are nice, but often considered too expensive.

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