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Condensate Discharge for City Multi VRV Fan Coils

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
The City Multi fan coils have three condensate drain systems.  The primary drain is the gravity drain at the bottom of the drain pan.  The second is an optional pumped condensate outlet up high above the gravity drain.  The third is the overflow drain that operated only when the normal drains fail.  This first photo shows the lower gravity drain connected to the copper drain pipe through the patented Mitsubishi horizontal trap.  Someday I will cut one of these traps open to see how it works, but for the moment I’m just happy to say it does not require additional vertical space that a normal trap requires. 
Above shows the pumped condensate outlet.  It is a bluish color plastic. 
And finally, this photo shows the overflow drain connection on the opposite side of the drain pan. 
This photo shows the tailpiece connection of the condensate drain at a nearby lav.  The pipe is the black hose. 
In this photo the overflow drain outlet is shown above the shower.  If water comes out of this pipe, it is time to clean the normal drain.
Just a note of warning.  The City Multi fan coils come with the pumped condensate units as a standard feature and they are energized.  If you use the gravity drain and not the pumped drain, then the pump needs to be disabled.  Otherwise, the pump will come on and dump water on the floor.  (Ask me why I know this if we ever meet.:)  To give credit where credit is due, Lonny Potter, hotel engineer, was the person who discovered this issue and shared the details with me.  Lonny is seen below admiring his evaporative cooler for the kitchen make-up air unit.